BEDROCK  is my first official game.

Collect stones and beat every enemies coming at you in a strategy/board-game battle system.

Play in 3 different modes :  ARCADE, ENDLESS or VERSUS


Up,Down,Left,Right to move;

'Q' to place a stone on the board and 'W' to use items;

'E' to take the loot and 'R' to leave it;

This game is best played with the keyboard.

I highly suggest to check the "Help/Tips" section in the game, I have a hard time explaining things so let me know if what I say doesn't make any sense.

BEDROCK being my first game a lot of things are "awkward" but I learned a lot and I might update the game once in a while or just remake it cuter and smoother hopefully.

I apologize for my poor english btw

Hope you enjoy!

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